🆕 💥 💥Apple is the easiest company to produce new, They released AirPods Max which is something new, They ask users if they are using the pin in the box or not, And Samsung! who may follow Apple in some practices in 2021 God forbid!🙊😈

December 14-2020 at 00:00 Am


Hello guys, Your brother OTTO M Yassine with a new news article of the latest news in technology and science, your cup coffee or tea and I started with LG, which made a completely different decision by trying to export its middle and entry-level phones to another company.

Another company will produce these devices and take the rights.

Hence, LG took a completely different direction, They produce technologies and supply parts to a lot of companies, But the middle class entry-level phones will be from other companies.

We did not expect this to happen officially, And do not forget that LG has manufactured very important devices such as Google Biscuit devices and cooperated with other companies to produce devices for them.

God willing, this pace will not continue, And cell phone manufacturers won’t do white-labeling, This means that other companies that will take the name will do the marketing and bear everything.

This is instead of being all the load on LG. It is a little disturbing topic!😤

Microsoft’s Xcloud platform will be available on iPhones and iPads, The service will come in the spring of 2021.

This feature is now in beta, and a Game Pass subscription includes the. Xcloud, Hence, the amount of testing is large in the countries in which Xcloud was launched.

Is this the future of gaming and cloud gaming? I do not think so, But be it, it is Microsoft’s experiments to preserve the matter in the future.

They have Xbox Series X, which is one of the most powerful devices. We will see what happens in the future after 8 years with cloud games.

The Thinkpad X1 was officially launched in some new countries, like a the in the Middle east countries, and it is the first foldable screen computer in this kind of market.

The first versions that support the fourth generation network have been announced, There will be future versions with support for the 5G network, It is a new device with a new technology that have in this countries for the first time.

They will be available on Business Hub and they are the ones who sell premium devices from Lenovo, Rumors that there is a reduced version of the Z Fold persist.

There will even be a third version of the Z Flip phone, lighter Thus, there will be four devices with foldable screens in 2021 from Samsung, Not to mention the other companies that will release the same technology on their devices, And as you can see, we’ve come to laptops with foldable screens, It is clear that 2021 will be a beautiful year for technologies.

There will also be market-wide adjustments and what will come in the fund and what will not. I’ll discuss this in this article as well, But I will complete with Samsung and leaks more details of the S21 camera.

The higher version will carry 4 cameras: Two of these are telephoto cameras, There is a primary camera with 108 megapixels.

There is also a very wide camera, With laser sensor, ray sensor and LED flash.

So we know that the phone will come with high-capacity cameras, We also know that with the version of One UI 3.0, the device will offer a different experience for users.

The biggest question remains: Will the pen support or not?🤷‍♂️

Will the pen be a side accessory or not?🤷‍♂️

This matter will be revealed at their conference in mid-January 2021, There is also a CES conference for Samsung, Do you remember this exhibition that takes place every year?😈

This fair is called the Consumer Electronics Showcase, This exhibition is taking place in Las Vegas.

In 2021 it will be the most virtual conference

Unfortunately, most companies will have their conference online, I won’t be able to go, and press releases will be sent to us by e-mail, I will tell you this news immediately.

And Samsung’s conference in this exhibition will be about QLED screens with their new generations, As usual, Samsung will release video and audio technologies.

From there, we will know the way forward for the screens for the rest of the year, And we come to the big rumor by removing the charger from the upcoming S21 series.

Yes, the reports indicate that there will be no charger in the boxes of new devices, The wired headphone will also not be in the box.

And hey 😈 , there’s a possibility to replace it with a wireless speaker.

Perhaps it will be the Galaxy Buds + or Galaxy Live headphones, or it will be the new speaker from Samsung, Hence, they announce a new headphone and it is included in the box.

If not included, it will be with the pre-order package as it did this year and last year, There is a similar trend to Apple in removing the box contents, By the way, it is clear that Apple is considering a review of decisions that could happen in the real world and remove other pieces from the box.

I will discuss this news later in thisarticle.

Samsung’s decisions next year will be inevitable as people accept new devices and decisions to remove the charger from the box, And the big thing I want to talk about is if companies want to protect the environment, And removing chargers is because of the environment, not because of profits! 🤨

So at least, they’ve passed a law that applies to everyone from accessory makers to hardware makers, This law simply codifies the production of these chargers, If you remove the charger from the box, other Chinese companies will innovate more charging devices.

The saved amount is compensated for by huge quantities to sell more to people, This is never a natural or good thing.

So my question to the readers is, what do you think of this decision?🤨

Is it a good decision? Should there be a law?🙄

I now turn to Apple and its launch of AirPods Max, the new Apple over-ear headphones, We expected it to be called AirPods Studio, These headphones will come with a charging cable and a case, The headset comes with 9 microphones – 6 of them are for noise isolation, 2 are for use and 1 for orders.

The headphones come in more than one style of use, It will be compatible with all different Apple devices, regardless of the system.

There is a big question mark about the support of the speaker on other systems such as Android, Windows and other devices,

Will there be applications to benefit from ANC or not?🤔

The headphone design is different, There is a different principle in the design that the headphones come with the crown on the Apple Watch.

There is a button to activate noise isolation and surround sound, This will make the headset wonderful to use, so that you can isolate yourself from what is around you or vice versa.

Let’s wait for the official launch. It will arrive in the middle of next week and we will see the full experience.

Usually, it’s on Snapchat and Instagram stories. So be watchful Apple sent some surveys to some users, These surveys contain questions about user opinions on specific ideas.

For example, Apple asked whether or not you use the included charger wire, Do not forget that they removed the charger and the wired headphones and kept the charging cord.

Now they ask, do you use this charging cord or not, Another question is whether or not you use the included pins in the box.

Maybe Apple is considering removing it. Imagine the phone comes with a bag.

There are also questions about Face ID technology, which is a good sign for me, They can add the fingerprint in addition to Face ID, and we have seen it perform very well with iPad Air 2020.

There are different questions as well, Does this referendum mean that Apple is actually thinking about different countries in the world that prevent removing some of the contents from the box and leaving only the phone?

Let’s wait and see.😈

I told you that 2021 in technology will be a different year, I told you in past articles that the phones will be licensed, but it turns out that the companies will remove the contents of the box, God willing, there will be no time for you to get the phone disassembled.😁

There are the phone catalog, and there is how it gets installed. As if we were buying a Kinder egg!😅😅😅

The latest news, about Boston Dynamics, which releases terrifying robots, This company is facing internal problems with the question of the future.

They know that they do excellent and awesome techniques, They create robots that are capable of doing things no one expects,

but where will these robots be used?

Here we know that the company is facing difficulties in their future in finding actual places that use these robots.

Hence, these robots are sold, They want business. They just don’t want to develop it.

Since their partnership with Google and MIT, they have been trying to figure out how to sell these devices.

Perhaps there will be a Hyundai acquisition of Boston Dynamics.

Hyundai’s automobile and machinery technology company will have robotic technology, Perhaps in the future, it will be launched with Hyundai cars, These robots will serve you.

But I don’t think anyone would buy a $ 40,000 robot to service it, Scary, right?😱

Companies removing chargers from boxes, companies bringing in scary robots, What is this happening? 🤦‍♂️

This is the end of the article. Have a good day.

See you soon, in the next reviews…😈💤