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Review 149: 30.12.2021 at 00:00 am

A few days and ends in 2021 with all the surprises in the technology world, and has been a good year of Apple in general. Where the company launched several different products that managed to achieve large successes between the public and critics alike.

But this does not mean that 2021 was empty problems, where the company has been exposed to legal problems forced to decline in decisions that were perceived.

The judicial provisions to reduce Apple’s profits from the application store!

The company used to get 30% of all sales made through its app store, and this includes all apps in the store.

By 2020, Apple had reduced its profit from in-app purchases made through its App Store to 15%.

But in September 2021, a federal court in the United States ruled that companies can add external links to pay and subscribe to their applications via iPhone devices. And that the company cannot prevent companies from adding these links.

The ruling follows a lawsuit brought by Epic against Apple over the App Store’s payment and sharing policies.

This ruling deprives Apple of the percentage of sales that were made through purchases in the various applications.

Apple has already started complying with the court ruling and developers are able to add external links for payments in their apps.

The right to self-repair phones!

This year, Apple tried to prevent users from repairing their phones outside its service centers. By stopping the non-original parts that are placed in the phones.

This initiative includes all recent Apple devices, starting with the iPhone 12 and Mac computers that are powered by the company’s M1 processors.

But Apple backtracked on its decision, thanks to great pressure globally from various human rights groups, particularly the Right to Reform movement.

While the initiative for the right to self-repair did not cause direct loss or material damage to the company, the company’s retreat from its position is considered a major step.

Apple suffers from the effects of Corona!

The company did not suffer greatly from the effects of Corona until last year, because it had sufficient stocks of electronic chips.

But about a month ago, the company started having problems with chip suppliers, and that made many predict that the iPhone 13 manufacturing operations would be affected.

The company also held for the second year in a row the WWDC conference without an audience or physical presence.

The company’s fans consider its conferences as a tourist destination so that they can visit the company’s headquarters and see the new devices. It seems that the consequences of the crisis will not stop at the conference alone.

Apple has announced a $1,000 support for all of its employees to equip home offices to work from their homes until the full return to the company’s headquarters.

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