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🕷 In this new article of Session with coffee, with me, From a company that manufactures covers to a company that manufactures 250 million mobile phones.

How many people were hit by this mobile? we do not know ; Because it is powerful hardware, Here are a group of things you should know about Nokia.

Your brother OTTO M Yassine, welcome guys, bring your coffee and let’sgo:☕

When we talk about Nokia, we are talking about a company that was in its glory in the year 2000 And then it climbed to the top, and after that some events happened to it, and Microsoft owned it And its mobile sector owned it for a specific period.

Nokia has returned in order to produce phones, The information that we mention has nothing to do with who owned it or who sold it, and otherwise.

Rather, we will mention things and information about the parent Nokia – the main company, We are talking about the first piece of information, and the founder of Nokia is a mining engineer, And the name Nokia itself comes from the name of the river near the place from which it was founded, Nokyanferta, which means the dark black river.

The most phone of them was sold in the world is 1100, and 250 million copies were sold And he comes in second place for Stubborn, has sold nearly 120 million copies, all of which are very strong sales. These sales led to a very strong force in the company in terms of manufacture, quality, hardware, design and everything.

In Finland – the main country of Nokia – Traffic fines depend on per capita income, On one occasion, the president of Nokia exceeded the speed limit, and was given a fine, which was about $ 103,000.

How much does this person pay if this is his fine?

There is a very well known Nokia ringtone, And it’s for someone called Francisco Tarega, And the presto itself is called Grand Vals.

The player’s name is difficult to pronounce, and the name of the piece is also difficult; And for this reason, it has become called Nokia Ringtone.

In Asia, Nokia is trying in various ways to stay away from using the number 4 in its devices, When we talk about the number 4, we are not talking about the number plate on the phone because it will of course be present from the number 1-9 in addition to the zero.

And the star and the square as well, but we are talking about the other numbers on the mobile. As a serial number or as a model number, They always try to get away from the number 4.

This is due to the culture in some countries in Asia and their pessimism about the number four 2006 FURTUNE 200 List. A list in itself called admirables and they are very amazing companies for people and the mobile sector itself.

Nokia was ranked 20th, Imagine, in 2006 Nokia was a very big thing And God willing, they will return, And people were competing to name cell phones in the Arab world, The stubborn, the terrible, the Faisaliah and the kingdom, Each of the mobiles has a circulating name in the country.

That is, in the Levant region he had names that differed from the names spread in the Arab region and in Saudi Arabia specifically, The same competition that exists today.

I own an iPhone 7, I own a Note 5, and I own a Nokia !!

Nobody says Nokia .. the important thing is that you understand the point, I remind you that he was at the MWC that we were present at in Barcelona, World Mobile Council, Nokia company took the limelight from the rest of the companies.

What mobile was the reason they took the lights off?

Stubborn, reissue of the stubborn, imagine he outperformed a lot of the companies in the MWC. And the media coverage, Al-Aneed received the largest media coverage in MWC.

The media coverage of the new stubbornness surpassed that of Sony, LG and Huawei, On all devices that have appeared on Mobile Worldwide.

Do you remember the famous tone of the letters?

And you mean, connecting people – And it is the Nokia logo, Take Bills their Morse Code tone is this Be a permanent subscriber to Take Bells.

The period of release of the Nokia Lumia phones was almost in 2010, The Nokia Lumia was a very powerful mobile phone, but it was on the Windows mobile system, The word lumia is taken from the term agglomeration in the Finnish language.

Nokia is the company that developed the telecommunications network in Finland, Imagine that they started working in the year 71 and in the year 78 they had completely finished it. The coverage was 100% in Finland.

If you were a resident of Finland then, you have excellent mobile coverage. But at the time, car mobiles were more popular.

he first commercial GSM network, which is the first in terms of communications, It was in Finland and developed by Nokia, and the one who made the call was the Finnish prime minister at the time. And the phone that he was using was also the Nokia phone.

Nokia is one of the oldest telecom companies in the world, although it started with something completely different. They started making paper, and this thing was in 1865.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, they moved to the rubber industry and then to the mobile industry, and preceded it with telegraphs.

Nokia was the first company in the world to put text messaging service in its mobiles, And the first company also to put MMS messaging service in its mobiles, Picture text messages, multimedia messages.

These are the messages. Previously, imagine Back 10 years ago when you wanted to make a cool move, You send a picture of a person through text messages.

There is a code and he enters the site and puts the secret code in the message to show him the picture; Oh God! t was a long topic.

Yes, it was a long topic, Nokia mobiles were the first phones in the world that you could take a picture with it and then share it with people.

Also, nearly 15 years ago, everyone used to name their own Bluetooth devices on Nokia phones, which were widespread at the time.

call, send and otherwise Controversial time period, In the 1990s, companies used to issue mobiles and no one used them, and when Nokia issued 4 mobiles at the same time, people were competing to obtain them, This matter began to change with the competition and the entry of Android and iPhone, and Nokia adhered to the Symbian system and then to the Windows system, Unfortunately, this has caused them to disappear into a very large market.

From a company that has the largest shares in the world, to a company that has a small percentage of mobile phones in the world And there were mobile phones for specific countries.

i have the largest collection you can seen in your life of various types of Nokia phones.

For me, it was Nokia that brought me into the field of technology when they released the Nokia 5110 and 6110 phones. I saw the differences between them and compared them.

For example, Nokia 8810 is called « nickel ». At that time, there were the latest technology, and there was no phone that came close to the Nokia 8810, These are the things that make Nokia so special at the time, and I hope you come back, Because today, I was finally able to add the Nokia Box to my collection, And for quite some time now, I have not added anything, which is the Nokia 6 box – Oh God.

Google Pixel, and it bears the Nokia trademark.

Let’s finish the topic of Nokia and say that things got worse with Nokia and the issue continued to get worse in recent years, We all know that, We all know why your situation has not improved. If you put on Android, it would improve for you.

God willing, Nokia will return, and do not forget that Nokia launched a group of mobile phones and they are (Nokia 6, Nokia 5, Nokia 3), which were launched at the MWC. And do not forget the return of the stubborn.

This was a chat with cup of coffee about Nokia, my coffee was over, see you in future articles ….☕👋